Stock Market

The Secret Of Making Money From IPO Subscriptions

When companies wish to raise funds and offer their ownership in the form of shares to people, its called IPO aka Initial Public Offerings. IPO is also an excellent opportunity for retail investors. Though Warren Buffet never supports investment in IPO, I believe there is no harm in investing a small amount (nearly 15K) for […]

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Demystifying Stock Market for Beginners

Everybody gets excited when the discussion goes around Stock Market. Some people call it a gamble to make quick money while some call it a platform of opportunities. You may have heard rags to riches stories, and there are several who lost their fortune in this gambling game. Whether you see it as a gamble […]

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My first experience with Stock Market

Hello, World, My name is Amit Subodh, and I am heading towards my 30s. I am employed as a Sales guy at a young startup in Bengaluru and recently got married. Let me tell you my background first, I was born and brought up in a middle-class family. I was taught that money could be […]

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