Amit Subodh

Top 5 Tools To Track Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Cryptocurrencies market is going through severe turmoil nowadays. Weak hands are looking for an exit and are not sure about the market. Early adopters had made some profit and cashed out when BTC and other coins were an all-time high. Most importantly, the world has accepted the fact that Cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere and […]

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The Secret Of Making Money From IPO Subscriptions

When companies wish to raise funds and offer their ownership in the form of shares to people, its called IPO aka Initial Public Offerings. IPO is also an excellent opportunity for retail investors. Though Warren Buffet never supports investment in IPO, I believe there is no harm in investing a small amount (nearly 15K) for […]

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Future Of Cryptocurrency: Is Bitcoin A Fad Or Is It The Future Of Money?

Do bitcoin and cryptocurrency spell the end of conventional currency? If you’ve been paying attention to current events and market trends, you’ve probably already heard about cryptocurrency and bitcoin. What are they and will they impact your life? Let’s find out. Conventional currencies vs. cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the world’s first ever decentralized cryptocurrency, was created in 2009 […]

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Portfolio Management for Crypto Market using Google Sheet

Cryptocurrencies are not unknown anymore and are being discussed by Institutions and Media.  People have moved ahead of Bitcoin and have started talking about Altcoins. While Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple are ahead in Market Cap, there are over 300+ coins been listed by several exchanges globally. Globally different teams are launching new icons through ICOs […]

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