January 26, 2018

Top 5 Tools To Track Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Cryptocurrencies market is going through severe turmoil nowadays. Weak hands are looking for an exit and are not sure about the market. Early adopters had made some profit and cashed out when BTC and other coins were an all-time high. Most importantly, the world has accepted the fact that Cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere and it is only a matter of some time that this will go upwards again. For any investor, it is essential to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio.

I have always given preference to diversification whether It be Stock Market, Mutual Funds or be Crypto Currencies. It not only helps in minimizing the risk but also helps you in capital preservations to some extent. With the market open to various Alt-coins, today anyone can diversify their Crypto wealth and gain the advantage. While the Exchange has become efficient in handling volume, it is still far behind with portfolio management and its good user experience

Today we are going to discuss 5 such tools which can help you in managing your cryptocurrency portfolio.




It is available only on Android phones and is a simple app which helps you to track BTC and Altcoins. Almost 750 coins can be tracked here. It also can help you track conventional stocks along with cryptocurrencies. The layout is simple to use, and the team is focusing to build active discussion forums and community.

Download from PlayStore

This is website only cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and for me its the most simple to use one. You have to enter all your buy and sell manually, and it gives the current rate from Coinmarketcap to give out the profit/loss estimates. If you are not an active trader, this is for you.

visit website



Delta has half a million active users and is available both on Android and iOS. It pulls data from various exchanges and gives you real-time estimates and performance of your portfolio. You can choose INR as default currency. The pro version allows you to create multiple portfolio and syncing with up to 5 devices. It’s only available for Android and iOS.



Blockfolio is a well-designed app, and it integrates News feed through RSS of different websites. It’s easy to use and works similarly as Delta but is completely free. It doesn’t have any Web interface. It has alert features similar to Delta.



Coin Tracking

Coin Tracking is one of the best cryptocurrency portfolio management app I have ever crossed. It has not only a web interface but also Android and iOS App. In all of the above solution, you have to enter all your trade one by one, but in Coin Tracking you can directly upload the excel with all the buy and sell details, and it will accumulate the result for you. Over 30+ exchanges and wallets are supported. The solution is free up to 300 transaction records. It has a various visual analysis which can help in managing your portfolio accurately.


These tools can easily cover your basic need of cryptocurrency portfolio management, but if you are need of more analysis and data experimenting, I will advise working on a Google Sheet and creating your own portfolio management tool. This will give you the flexibility to plot graphs and have a better discovery of investment opportunity. Do comment your favorite portfolio management app or website name.





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